Our Team & Trainers

It’s important for you and your horse to feel happy, healthy and safe. The Whispering Winds Equestrian Center Team and Trainers have taken the time to earn credentials and specialized skills to ensure your safety, horse well care and offer you the highest quality training experiences. Our instructors have trained in a number of disciplines of Jumping, Dressage (into FEI) and Western following proven classical methods in the pyramid of training.


Susan Rogers - Barn Manager

Welcome, I am Susan Rogers the barn manager and owner of this beautiful 30 acre farm known as Whispering Winds. The buildings, barns, fields, land, cropping areas and miles of trails have been in our family for over 75 years. I reflect back often to my childhood where we had several hundred goats, sheep, cows, chicken and yes horses (hundreds of them)! I birthed my first animal at age 7, completed my first C-Section at age 9, learned and applied veterinary medicine and care to include, administering a myriad of injections, worming, grooming, and other well care for all the animals on farm. I also had an opportunity to rekindle the birthing experience again, now at age 49, facilitating the birth of “Amir” our newest colt this past Memorial Day weekend…it was simply amazing! My family and I were avid riders. My sister, Allyson competed at high levels of Dressage and English eventing, my father and brothers Mort Sr., John and Mort Jr., were part of a large riding club, and I was the more casual fun rider of the western discipline. My father, Judge Mortimer Rogers passed the torch in managing the farm and horse operations to me in 1998. My vision and priority is to ensure a peaceful, healthy and safe environment for our boarders, their animals and all who visit our farm. Whether it is youth and young adults on the show circuit, new folks learning to ride, to our retirees just enjoying their animals and our rescue and rehabilitative therapy, Whispering Winds is the place to be. I am available to all of our boarders and support team 24 hours a day-7 days a week and we have family that lives on the premises to ensure quick assistance and support. Our team includes skilled equine members in horse wellness, nutrition, training and safety. We are also Monmouth County’s MCSPCA priority rescue farm for medium to large animals and we are proud to support all their important work in animal wellness, fostering and adoption programming. If you have any questions or want to visit our farm, please feel free to call me at 732-600-4433.  Happy trails…Susan


Suzanne D'Ambrose - Horse Wellness Manager

Suzanne and Independent Act have been with Whispering Winds for over 10 years now. Suzanne's knowledge and expertise in equine care and wellness is second to none and her care of our animals is nothing short of exceptional. Suzanne is on-premises daily and works with the Whispering Winds Team to ensure all of our animals are looked after with the utmost care. Suzanne's credentials speak loudly to her love of equine and education surrounding animal care and safety.

  • Rutgers University - Cook College
  • B.S. Degree - College of NJ
  • M.Ed Degree - Seton Hall University
  • Equine Massage Therapist - NJ & FL
  • Board Member - Standardbred Pleasure Horse Org of NJ
  • Delegate - NJ Equine Advisory Board
  • Licensed Harness Racing Groom, NJ & NY
  • Volunteer with Standardbred Retirement Foundation


Noelle Reverendo - Nutrition Coordinator

My interest in horses started when my oldest daughter was 5 years old. I started riding along with my daughters over 15 years ago and I have been sole caregiver for our horses since then. I love being at Whispering Winds and working with all the folks here as the Nutrition Coordinator for this farm.  

I have had a leadership position in the Cream Ridge Pony Club from 2005-2010. In 2010, the Jersey Shore Pony Club was created, and I am still active in a leadership role today! My children were members since they were 5 years old. Together, we have learned a great deal about proper horse health and well care, grooming, nutrition, stable management, handling, riding correctly and most of all horse safety. I am a retired X-Ray Technician; wife and mom of 2 great girls. I am the owner & lover of my herd: Velocity, Kisses, Billy, Milli, Amelia, Bluebell, Biddy, Daisy and Darwin.


Nick Scarpello - Facilities Maintenance Manager

I joined the Whispering Winds farm family in 2008. I am a retired licensed electrician and HVAC contractor. I am an active member of the Environmental Commission, Zoning and Planning Boards in my town and an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police. I enjoy being outdoors and horses have become a passion for me. I deeply enjoy caring for the animals on the farm and our boarders and guests call me the “horse whisper.” I ensure the facilities are well maintained and safe. You will see me on the plow in winters keeping the roads and fields accessible for all. I enjoy cutting the acres of grass on the mower spring, summer and fall. I will wave to you often from the gator while I maintain field cleanliness, mending fences, and dragging our riding rings to keep the farm looking neat and clean all year long. Come visit and join the family of Whispering Winds, it is a great place to be.


Janelle Dahlquist - Trainer

I started riding at the age of 8 with lessons once a week. When I turned 9, I got my first horse, Red, who was a 4 year old, green thoroughbred and I trained him with the help of lessons given by Hartmut Knabe of Encore Farm. I rode the short stirrups to the Maiden EQ to the Novice EQ with him. When I was 13, I started to lesson with Frank Madden of Beacon Hill Show Stables until I was 18. I then rode the High Child/Adult Jumpers and the Marshal Sterling with his jumper, Armani. I was lucky enough to exchange board for my horse Red every winter for schooling and exercising some top horses in the nation, including Bruce Springsteen’s personal horses. In the spring of 1998, I landed a great job at Dreamland Farms handling and training thoroughbreds which started my calling of horses and teaching and I never looked back!

Some of my accomplishments include students winning year end awards at CJHA, Monmouth, Wits End, and Vermont Summer Festival. I started, broke, and restarted many horses who went on being champions for their owners and myself, competing in the hunters, jumpers, and the big EQ. I was also actively riding in the level 5 Jumpers at Monmouth and in Vermont. I'm still actively restarting horses and the last horse I broke and trained turned out to be a champions pony every time he goes to show! I would love to share my experiences and talk with anyone who wants to show and train in these disciplines.


Ava Reverendo - Trainer

My name is Ava Reverendo and I’ve been riding horses for thirteen years. I am an active member of the Jersey Shore Pony Club and would love to share my skills and riding experience with you! Horseback riding has always been a passion of mine and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I trained under Wendy Lewis, who is a four star eventer and a highly respected professional. I worked for her this past summer and improved immensely in riding and gained more knowledge of the sport. My horse Billy and I compete in a number of events, which incorporates a combination of Dressage, Stadium, and Cross Country. We currently compete at Training Level and are always striving to move up. 

I’ve trained and lessoned youth with the New Jersey Pony Club and privately. I am very experienced from being around horses my whole life and I know how to teach a child to ride, have fun, with safety as my top priority. I encourage my students to try their best and enjoy themselves, too. Many children come out of their shell and become completely different when they’re on a horse. Watching them laugh and smile while riding always makes my day. 


Sherrie Kulaszewski - Trainer

Hi, I am Sherrie Kulaszewski and I am a Riding Instructor at Whispering Winds Equestrian Center. My past instruction experience includes several years of quality fundamental training from Walk, Trot, Cantor to Jumping. I have had the opportunity to learn valuable techniques from legends like Wally Conover, Helen Goddard, Bill Ellis, and David Connors. I was able to transfer that knowledge and utilize it while I was an Instructor at Wall Equestrian Center and Windward Farms in Wall Township.

My riding days started all the way back at the age of 5 in the short stirrups group of the 4-H Knight Riding Organization. I had significant success at those shows and as my riding abilities grew, I was able to attend some of the most prestigious shows in North America such as (HITS) Horses in the Sun in Ocala.

These days, I am married and have two wonderful, hockey player boys and enjoy riding my best boy, Gretzky! I would love an opportunity to work with you and your horse or with our horses here at Whispering Winds. Please feel free to call me at 732-618-4715. Let's take a ride!