Clinics Available

Whispering Winds offers clinics for rider bio-mechanics, dressage, western dressage, equitation, jumping and problem solving. 

Meet Our Lesson Horses


We have a selection of horses available to lease (on farm only) please call for more details.

  • Private, semi-private and group lessons
  • Lunge lessons
  • Dressage lessons are for the development of horse and rider as they work through the levels.
  • Lessons are taught to help our pleasure riders have fun and have a balanced seat while on trail or just hacking or enjoying their horse
  • Showing students have the opportunity to show local and regionally

Lessons On The Lunge

Riders are taught the balanced seat, suppleness, timing and correct delivery of the aids, and how to follow the movement of the horse in all gaits. Lunge lessons are on the lunge line and in the arena. Emphasis is placed on the phases of riding including: listening, analysis, application of the aids, listening for response, harmonizing, and analysis and reapplication of another aid.

Riders learn to "sit still" by moving with the rhythm of the horse. Riders become "horse-like" in their movements, and thus look motionless and seamless on the horse's back. Since the rider's attention is taken off control of the horse, he/she can now concentrate on developing a feel for the trot. Generally, the benefits of riding on the lunge are as follows:

  • Understanding the motion of the horse
  • Developing a feel for the trot
  • A stronger and deeper seat
  • Influence the horse through the most subtle of aids